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Using ClaimFight is simple and safe. Your personal information remains safe with us, and we don’t share what you are considering with anyone else. A secure system ensures that your personal information and what you discuss with us remains a secret. So, you are free to ask or explore any legal avenue for rightful compensation.

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Workers’ Compensation lawyers will not charge you a fee if they don’t win the case. Those are the only types of attorneys we connect you with because most people seeking compensation aren’t highly paid executives. That’s why you only pay a percentage of the compensation as fees.

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You don’t have to commit to our service or those of the attorneys we connect you with. You can opt for a free evaluation of your case without having to pay a dime. Plus, even after the evaluation we or the attorney we recommend will never pressure you in any way.

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Why should you find a lawyer? The compensation law has loopholes that employers and their insurers manipulate. However, when things go sideways, we can help by connecting you to a top-tier attorney. That way they handle everything for you, with the compensation almost guaranteed!

When you have been hurt at work or got personal injury one of the first things that goes through your mind is if it is possible to work after the injury. The problem with many workplace injuries involving injuries to the leg, head, hands, etc. is that it can be hard to work when recovering from the injuries. Plus, some injuries can be so severe that working after it can also be near impossible. That’s why workers’ comp was designed to help people recuperate and then find their way back into the workforce.

No matter what your legal issue is - sifting through a lawyer directory in order to find compensation attorneys is never easy. Don't waste your time and let us find a lawyer for you.

Why do workers need help?

Employers may often try to strongarm employees into not filing for compensation. Many times they may withhold information from employees like the fact that they need to file for compensation via a DWC-1 form within 30 days of the injury. When it is too late the chances of the workers’ comp request being accepted decline dramatically.

Even insurance companies have adjusters who try to negotiate with employees and drive down what they have to pay. That’s why many employees end up with next to nothing in the way of compensation. As an injured employee you have the right to compensation, and nothing can take that away from you if the right process is followed.

ClaimFight works by providing information. By arming workers with information about their rights the chances of getting compensation increases tremendously. Employers never try to intimidate or strongarm employees who have an understanding of the law, because the consequences can be dire. Employees who have been neglected can seek damages from the employer which can be worth millions.