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ClaimFight - A Team of Experts

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Many people are unaware of their rights as workers. Many times, they may get injured, or worse lose their lives when on the job with little or nothing in the way of compensation. ClaimFight is on a mission to change all of that, by giving people information about their rights as citizens, workers and most of all human beings.

American law and that of Europe mandate that workers have the right to compensation when injured on the job. The Workers’ Compensation law can be tricky to understand, and there are certain loopholes through which employers and their insurers can get away with giving very little to workers.

However, as a worker by knowing your rights, it is possible to get the best compensation. It is also possible to negotiate compensation because if they (the employer or insurer) does not pay, the law is on your side. Our goal is to arm every man and woman with the information they need to get rightful compensation, which puts pressure on employers to enforce strict safety rules and standards.

What is Your Injury Worth?

Do you know how much your injury is worth in the form of compensation? Most employers and their insurers will never reveal this information. That’s why we have put together an extensive archive of articles which detail every type of injury as well as what they are worth. That way you know if the employer is trying to hoodwink you into accepting something less.

ClaimFight Connects You to the Best Attorneys

We know that not all attorneys are workers’ compensation specialists. Those that do specialize in workers’ compensation may not all be good. Depending on what situation you find yourself in it is essential to hire an attorney who has a history of winning cases similar to yours. The best possible attorney can be a potential game-changer for any worker whose employer is denying them compensation.

ClaimFight helps connects people from across the US to workers’ compensation attorneys that are best suited to handle their case in their city or state. We have worked hard to put together an extensive database of attorney’s based on their history and match them to you. What’s great about hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is they don’t charge you upfront but charge a percentage of your compensation. That information is provided by the attorney before you hire them.

A Team of Experts

ClaimFight is made possible thanks to a team of experts who have worked diligently to bring all of this information to you. We know as professionals that knowledge is power and having the power of knowledge over your employer is what will ultimately force them to give you what the injury is worth. Never settle for anything less than what you have the right to get.

If you are looking for some help, use the evaluation form on the right of this page for a free case evaluation. An expert will evaluate your case and you will be briefed accordingly by the best possible attorney for the case. We make knowing your rights quick and simple!

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Using ClaimFight is simple and safe. Your personal information remains safe with us, and we don’t share what you are considering with anyone else. A secure system ensures that your personal information and what you discuss with us remains a secret. So, you are free to ask or explore any legal avenue for rightful compensation.

no win, no fee

no win, no fee

Workers’ Compensation lawyers will not charge you a fee if they don’t win the case. Those are the only types of attorneys we connect you with because most people seeking compensation aren’t highly paid executives. That’s why you only pay a percentage of the compensation as fees.

no commitment

no commitment

You don’t have to commit to our service or those of the attorneys we connect you with. You can opt for a free evaluation of your case without having to pay a dime. Plus, even after the evaluation we or the attorney we recommend will never pressure you in any way.

no spam policy

"no spam" policy

We have a strict policy of never sending unsolicited emails to anyone who uses our services. Not only that we don’t sell or rent your information. That means you will never receive spam emails or phone calls from unknown people just because you started using our service.

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