Construction Equipment Accidents

Construction Equipment Accidents

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Construction Equipment Accident

Construction Equipment Accidents

According to the last annual count by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) which was conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics, around 4600 fatal injuries were reported within the United States. Many of these injuries could be classified as construction equipment accidents. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s report around half of all fatalities in the construction industry was caused by malfunctioning or incorrectly used heavy equipment.

The vast majority of construction equipment accidents are caused by vehicles each year. The vehicles include tractors, cranes, forklifts, trucks, etc. Usually, the accident is caused because the vehicle malfunctioned and that’s generally the result of poor maintenance. When vehicles and machines are not properly maintained, there is always the chance that they will malfunction when in use causing injuries not just to the operator but workers and other people on the construction site.

Many of the latest forklifts come with a warning system which alerts people in the vicinity of their approach. Though when the systems breakdown, because of not properly being maintained it may stop sounding the warning. So, people working on the construction site are not warned. Though this is just one instance of poor maintenance leading to possible accidents.

If a particular piece of construction equipment is malfunctioning or is not working as it should, it should be put out of service until the repairs are completed. Using equipment that requires repairs can often lead to injuries and fatalities on the construction site.

Another primary reason for equipment related accidents is untrained workers. When workers have not received proper training on how to use the equipment safely, it leads to accidents. If the injuries are a result of an employer failing to ensure that employees receive proper training and solid supervision when working on a project, they are liable to pay compensation in the event of an accident.

Complexities of Construction Equipment Accident Compensation Claims

Compensation claims involving construction site equipment can be complicated. It requires filing all the right paperwork on time. Also, an investigation into what happened needs to be conducted so that rightful compensation can be sought. Unfortunately, all of this cannot be handled by an injured employee or worker. That’s why it is always a good idea to hire an attorney. Attorneys know exactly what type of compensation a worker should expect and how to go about getting it.

Who can apply for compensation?

Any construction worker who has been injured by a machine on the construction site.
Any worker who can prove that their illness is caused by construction equipment malfunctioning. Also, have witnesses to collaborate his story.
A worker who is unable to work because they were injured by construction equipment when working.
The family of a deceased worker who lost his life to a construction machine when working.

What to do and how to get paid?

If you have been injured on a construction site by construction equipment either operating it or being around it, that accident will have to be investigated. It has to be determined what caused the accident so that compensation can be sought accordingly. However, the first step is to get yourself admitted to a hospital. Then make sure that the required paperwork will have to be submitted within 21 days of the accident. Your boss or supervisor will have to be informed of it right away.

  • Speak to an attorney who has experience dealing with construction equipment accidents.
  • Provide the attorney with all the required documents and information as well as names of possible eyewitnesses.
  • Sign all the required paperwork furnished by the attorney ASAP so that all formalities are taken care of in a timely fashion guaranteeing compensation on time.

When to apply for compensation?
You will want to first inform your supervisor in writing or verbally about the accident When to apply for compensation?
Submit your claim for compensation within 21 days of the accident When to apply for compensation?
Alternatively, if you’ve become ill owing to what your doctor and you suspect is an issue with equipment on the construction site then file for compensation right away or contact an attorney for advice. When to apply for compensation?

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What is important to know?

According to NIOSH, the vast majority of construction equipment accidents are related to vehicles, i.e. heavy vehicles and are non-passenger collision fatalities in various industries. Some of the more common construction equipment accidents involve overturning, falling, collision, flying debris and even getting caught in the equipment like a cement mixer.

Bridge, highway, and road construction sites account for a whopping 80% percent of accidents mainly involving heavy equipment each year. Many of these result in deaths either on the spot or later on. However, there are other common industries like agriculture, oil & gas extraction, mining, etc. where similar incidents occur on a frequent basis.

Reasons for construction equipment accidents

The vast majority of deaths and injuries occur on construction sites owing to human error or malfunctioning equipment. At times a mixture of human error and improperly maintained heavy equipment leads to an accident on the construction site. The problem with these cases is that the blame is often shifted from one party to the next, i.e. from the employer to the employee, to the equipment manufacturer, etc. However, in America companies have a duty to ensure that their equipment is safe for use. Though they are other reasons for these accidents such as:

  • An unsafe construction site or one that’s not designed with safety in mind

  • No or poor supervision on the site

  • Misuse or reckless use of the construction equipment

  • Maintenance negligence

  • Violations of safety procedures

Regardless of the reason, workplace compensation covers all types of construction equipment accidents. However, the key to getting your claim approved is to do it in time and by following the right process.

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