Factory Accident

Factory Accident

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Factory Accident

Factory Accidents

Thousands of factory workers are victims of various accidents like burns, falls, exposure to toxic substances and limb injuries. Factory accidents are more common than most people realize and according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there were 10,388 reports of severe work-related injuries in 2015. The fact that these incidences are so disastrous and life altering is what makes worker’s compensation so important.

In factories, heavy machinery helps to make many tasks like heating, bending, moving and molding easier. It speeds up the time it takes to get a product to the customer. However, each one of these massive machines has hundreds of different moving parts, and they tend to generate a massive amount of force, which is why those working around and with the machines are at risk of getting hurt.

Factory accidents can happen at any time, but places most at risk are manufacturing factories and chemical plants. Generally, the use of hazardous chemicals to clean, and produce goods happen to be dangerous for the workers using them. The toxins in them can cause mild irritation when exposed to burning skin. The most vulnerable parts are the skin, respiratory system, and eyes which is why protective gear needs to be used which limit if not eliminates exposure to these compounds. OSHA maintains a list of all the permissible exposure limits for various toxic chemicals at the workplace. The list is helpful in ensuring that workers aren’t exposed to these chemicals without the right protective gear.

Factory accidents, for the most part, can lead to injuries which deprive workers of their ability to make a living and thus support their families. That’s why most if not all workers in factories are covered by workers’ compensation insurance or at least eligible for compensation. The compensation includes loss of income, medical bills payment, and other injury or illness related issues which are covered.

The benefits are also provided even when the injury is owing to an employee’s own incompetence or negligence mainly because they are covered by the workers’ compensation act regardless of fault. Plus, the compensation covers work-related illnesses and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, back issues which usually stems from repetitive movements, etc.

Who can apply for compensation?

An employee who is the victim of an accident at the manufacturing facility or factory.
Any worker who starts experiencing strange symptoms often associated with exposure to toxic chemicals.
An employee who is unable to work because they are sick or injured because of an accident at the factory.
The family of a deceased worker who lost his life at the factory. It could either be because of malfunctioning equipment, not having adequate safety gear or even a co-worker’s negligence.

What to do and how to get paid?

Most people who have been involved in a factory accident will know about their injuries instantly. So, they should visit a doctor immediately for a complete evaluation. However, workers who have been exposed to toxic chemicals may not see notice symptoms until a few hours and maybe even a few days later. In that case, they should report the symptoms and send the doctor’s report to the employer/company.

  • Make sure to inform your employer of an accident or possible toxic exposure ideally within 21 days.
  • Write down the entire episode of the accident in addition to the events leading up to it while your memory is fresh. It will help your attorney and even yourself to investigate the matter and answer questions put forth by the employer’s insurance company.
  • If you are severely injured or too injured to take care of the required paperwork for your compensation then hire an experienced attorney.
When to apply for compensation?
Apply as soon as the accident happens by informing your supervisor in writing. When to apply for compensation?
Apply for compensation at first sight of any signs of exposure to chemicals. When to apply for compensation?
Apply for compensation if you have been injured by another co-worker or if it was by your negligence. When to apply for compensation?

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What is important to know?

Factories can and have always been a very dangerous place to work. Factory accidents are prevalent. However, there are various types of dangers lurking for factory workers which range from exposure to hazardous chemicals to being crushed by heavy machines. Employers need to minimize the dangers by as much as possible by using safety equipment and providing employees with training.

Despite all the training the variety of machinery, their mass and size in addition to the number of people working at a factory can all increase the likelihood of an accident. The result is life-altering injuries in most cases. That’s why employers or companies managing the factories are advised to have comprehensive worker’s compensation.

Types of Factory Accident Compensation Claims

It is important to mention that there are certain types of accidents which are more common than others. These common accidents include:

  • Workers manually handling toxic chemicals because the employer didn’t provide them with the right safety gear. If specialized safety equipment and commonsense safety gear aren’t provided accidents can and will happen.

  • Factory workers are also victims of regularly used machinery accidents. Many times, lousy maintenance leads to the machinery breaking down. Factory employers are advised to ensure that all moving machines are properly guarded so that nobody falls victim by getting run over, or falling into them.

  • Slipping and falling accidents are also very common factory accidents. They happen because of chemical spills, or generally oil leaking out of a machine making the floor or the steps slippery. So, without a cleaning system in place workers become victims of a slipping accident.

Regardless of the reason, it is imperative to file a claim for compensation ASAP. When you do that the compensation can start rolling in sooner than later.

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