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When you have suffered an injury at work the most important thing you should do is to report it. The biggest mistake that many employees make when they are injured is not reporting it on time which reduces their chances of getting compensation. The first step is to see a doctor if you have been severely injured, however soon following that you should fill out an incident report while the details are still fresh in your head. The incident report is a formal report which tells your employer and their insurance company that you are injured and how the injury happened.

Incident report - download form template
*These templates are provided AS IS. They may not be any good. Even if they are good in one state, they may not be accurate in another. Templates are for informational purposes only - you should consult an lawyer before using them.

Download Incident Report Template*

*These templates are provided AS IS. They may not be any good. Even if they are good in one state, they may not be accurate in another. Templates are for informational purposes only - you should consult an lawyer before using them.

What is an Incident Report?

An incident report is often required by an employer and the insurance company after a worker has been injured. The incidence report is essential because it is a formal recording of what happened. The report will detail what happened which caused the accident on the worksite. Though it also pertains to numerous unusual worksite related issues like near misses.

All injured employees who intended to get some form of workers’ compensation are required to fill out an incident report. The report should be filled out ASAP, right after the accident or the injury. While the report is mostly circulated internally, in more severe cases it is used by law enforcement.

The incident report needs to be filled out ASAP, and failing to do so can end up creating several issues. For instance, if you don’t report the accident which caused your injury on time, your medical treatment and other related benefits which are part of the workers’ compensation can be denied by the employer. Also, the insurance carrier is within their rights to question your employer why the incident report was not filled in and filed on time. So, you can end up with nothing because this one important piece of paper isn’t filled.

What should you mention in the Incident Report?

You should record any incident which has caused you an injury at work. The injury should be reported as a matter of principle regardless of how insignificant it appears. An incident report leads to an investigation which benefits everyone especially if there is a lapse in the safety chain of command. The incident report needs to contain a complete and accurate account of what happened, and what lead to the accident.

Apart from the description of the incident your incident reporting also needs mentioning the location of the incident. You will also want to list witnesses who were there at the time of the injury as well as the severity of the injury.

Incident reporting should also include what measures were taken in response to the incident/accident. All the steps taken should be mentioned. Also, if there were anomalies which lead to the incident it should also be reported. For instance, if there was a power breakdown which lead to an employee falling off the ledge.

How Should the Incident Report Be Filled?

Ideally, the report should be filled out on the day of the incident. It should also be filled out using the guidelines provided by your organization. Generally, each organization has its own template for the report which has to be filled out one section at a time.

The incident form should be to the point, it should get to the point, cover all the relevant facts and leave out stuff which is otherwise unnecessary. Most of all the incident should be described in detail. Make sure that your document also includes the location of the incident, the date and time. Plus, your name and if needed the ID number. Plus names of all other people who were present at the time of the accident.

Submitting the Incident Report

In most organizations, incident reports are submitted via email. However, if a worker has been hurt and he or she is the person filling out the report, then the report is submitted to their supervisor. In some organizations, it goes directly to the human resource department. In either case, the report is sent via email. That said when the report is sent via email it is important to follow up over the phone within around a week to ensure that they received it, after all submitting the report on time key to getting compensation.

Mistakes To Avoid When Drafting The Report

The biggest mistake people make is not mentioning names and titles of witnesses; if those are not mentioned there is no way to verify your story. Another mistake many people make is not being thorough. Make sure that your report is detailed in every possible way. Also, ensure that the incident form is free from all types of grammar and typo errors.

What is most important and to what pay attention

  1. Always make sure to get the report guidelines from your organization.
  2. Avoid mentioning irrelevant data like the security guard outside the warehouse was sleeping or your wife was sick.
  3. If video or audio evidence is available, it should be included in the report.

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