Jaw injury

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Jaw injury

What can cause a jaw injury at work?

Jaw injuries like all other facial injuries can be caused by falling face first or being hit in the face. However, the jaw is uniquely located on the face which makes it more vulnerable to being injured when the face is injured. Common workplace accidents like falling, slipping and being hit by a machine or falling object on the face can cause jaw injuries. That said jaw injuries, for the most part, aren’t always serious. Though those which are of a serious nature can make it impossible for a person to work.

When you have a broken or dislocated jaw that fact is instantly apparent. However, some common signs include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bruising or swelling of the jawline.
  • Another sign of dislocation is a misalignment of the teeth.
  • Some people may have a problem opening their mouth owing to the sharp pain associated with it.
  • In some extreme cases, the face will be contorted to the point where a person may be nearly unrecognizable and require corrective surgery.
A doctor will need to carefully examine the bone structure of the mouth, and an imaging exam may be required to confirm a fracture or dislocation.

Most common injuries

Head injury Head Injury: Head injuries are in most cases serious. Head injuries ranging from a concussion to cuts, and other types of injuries are covered by Workers’ Compensation. Cervical spine injury A cervical injury also referred to as a neck injury is often caused by extensive and long-term exposure to a stressful work environment. However, it can also be caused by slipping and falling. Chest injuries These injuries can be caused by falling debris or being hit by a vehicle. The majority of chest injuries require that workers take weeks off to recover. However, more severe injuries can be life-changing. Clavicle injury A Clavicle injury in most cases can be severe leading to long term damage. Clavicle injuries need immediate attention and are covered under the workers’ compensation act. Hand injury The leading cause of hand injuries is the mishandling of heavy or sharp objects. Hand injuries range from missing fingers to cuts, and broken bones. Spine injury Generally categorized as back injuries these can make it impossible for a worker to stand. Many back injuries have long-term repercussions which are why it is covered under workers’ compensation law. Arm injury Arm injuries happen to be the most common, and most of them aren’t life-changing. However, these injuries can be caused by falling, slipping, being hit by something like a vehicle, etc. Knee injury Knee injuries are extremely painful and consequently make walking difficult. The majority of knee injuries require weeks of rest for proper recovery. Leg injury Falling, slipping, and even climbing mishaps can cause leg injuries. Construction workers are at a higher risk of leg injuries than most other occupations. compensations/injuries/home.alt.1

What Compensation Benefits Can You Expect for An Injury?

Injury compensation often varies depending on the extent of the injury. The more serious a worker’s jaw injury is, the more they receive in the way of compensation. However, unlike a personal injury claim, the compensation does not cover damages which stem from the injury. The compensation is meant to cover medical expenses and wage losses until the injured party is healthy enough to start working. The good news is that this is enough for most people to recover without having to worry about their financial liabilities.

Some benefits you can expect for an injury include but may not be limited to:

  • Assisting with medical expenses which may be associated with the injury. That means if a worker happens to injure their jaw at work it will cover all costs related to it including prescription medication, doctors’ bills, etc. However, the injured party will need to visit one of the doctors on the insurer’s list.
  • 2/3rd of a person’s weekly wage is replaced by workers’ compensation insurance or the company in question.
  • So, you are covered for as long as the injury does not heal.

Steps to Filing A Jaw Injury Claim for Compensation

The best way to ensure that your injury claim is accepted and you start receiving compensation ASAP is to report the injury as soon as it happens. If it happened at work because of a workplace accident, then inform your supervisor about it right away. You may also need to visit the HR department of your organization and fill out a form describing the accident. Then make sure to seek medical attention right away.

Filing a claim for an injury will vary in difficulty depending on what lead to the injury. Generally speaking, you’ll need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Draft an incident or accident report detailing what caused the injury. The report will need to be truthful and as detailed as possible. The more details you add, the better.
  • Visit a doctor so that all relevant medical documentation is in line with what you mentioned in the report.
  • If they were witnesses, have them speak about the incident or accident which lead to the injury.

Jaw injuries can be painful and make it difficult to function normally. So, if the pain is too severe to follow through the required formalities for compensation then hire an attorney to handle it for you.

Who can apply for compensation?

Any employee who has injured or broken their jaw at work during working hours.


An employee who was in a road accident which leads to a broken jaw. Though they should have been driving for a work-related task.


An employee who was hit by another in the jaw deliberately during working hours.


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