Leg injury

How to Get Leg Injury Compensation?

  1. You will need to provide the employer or insurance company with all relevant medical information.
  2. File a claim with your employer.
  3. Contact an attorney if your claim is being denied or if you are too injured to follow through with the formalities.
  4. We can also help you find an attorney who specializes in work-related injury compensation if needed.

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Leg injury

The leading cause of leg injuries at work

Leg injuries, for the most part, consist of sprains and strains of the ligaments or the muscles. It may also include fractured bones. Each one of these types of work accidents is eligible for workers’ compensation claims. Though it depends on the severity of the injury to your leg or legs.

Leg injuries at work are generally caused by some sort of machine related accident. However, slipping, falling and tripping over items at the workplace can also lead to severe leg injuries rendering the person incapable of working. That said in America there are various regulations which are meant to make workplaces safe for employees and visitors alike. When those regulations are not followed, it often leads to severe injuries which causes the injured party to lose work hours and in turn their income. So, the compensation is meant to cover any losses which may be caused by the injury.

Common causes of leg injuries at work include but are not limited to:

  • The legs being crushed by a machine like a crane or truck running over the foot.
  • Tripping and falling over objects at work can also lead to leg injuries.
  • Falling from a motorcycle when working (usually people in the delivery industry) can cause severe leg injuries.

Most common injuries

Head injury Head Injury: Head injuries are in most cases serious. Head injuries ranging from a concussion to cuts, and other types of injuries are covered by Workers’ Compensation. Cervical spine injury A cervical injury also referred to as a neck injury is often caused by extensive and long-term exposure to a stressful work environment. However, it can also be caused by slipping and falling. Chest injuries These injuries can be caused by falling debris or being hit by a vehicle. The majority of chest injuries require that workers take weeks off to recover. However, more severe injuries can be life-changing. Clavicle injury A Clavicle injury in most cases can be severe leading to long term damage. Clavicle injuries need immediate attention and are covered under the workers’ compensation act. Hand injury The leading cause of hand injuries is the mishandling of heavy or sharp objects. Hand injuries range from missing fingers to cuts, and broken bones. Spine injury Generally categorized as back injuries these can make it impossible for a worker to stand. Many back injuries have long-term repercussions which are why it is covered under workers’ compensation law. Arm injury Arm injuries happen to be the most common, and most of them aren’t life-changing. However, these injuries can be caused by falling, slipping, being hit by something like a vehicle, etc. Knee injury Knee injuries are extremely painful and consequently make walking difficult. The majority of knee injuries require weeks of rest for proper recovery. Leg injury Falling, slipping, and even climbing mishaps can cause leg injuries. Construction workers are at a higher risk of leg injuries than most other occupations. compensations/injuries/home.alt.1

What type of compensation can you expect?

Your legs are one of the most critical body parts without which it can be near impossible to perform most tasks. When there is an injury, it is almost certain that the employee may not be able to work. Even minor leg injuries like sprains can render an employee incapable of working.

According to Workers’ Compensation law, any injury regardless of its nature that requires more than five days of leave to recover is eligible for compensation. Though the amount you get paid in compensation varies depending on a number of factors. The main factor though is the extent of the injuries. In some cases recovering employees may also receive a partial salary for each day they miss owing to the injury.

Workers’ who suffer from leg injuries can expect to get the following:

  • Paid leave. Usually 2/3rd of their regular pay in the way of compensation for as many days as they are off duty.
  • A lump sum amount generally dependent on the nature of the injury ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.
  • Medical expenses may also be covered by the compensation.

How to claim leg injury compensation?

Any leg injuries incurred at work will require that it be reported immediately to the supervisor. Perhaps a big mistake made by many people who are unaware of their rights is that they don’t report it. Not reporting an injury means that the employer is unaware of it, and so is their insurer. Also, if you wait too long, it makes it increasingly difficult to claim compensation. Since no worker will want to lose their compensation benefits it only stands to reason that the accident be reported right away.

Depending on your city and or state, claiming injury compensation will require that the following process is followed:

  • Notify the supervisor of the injury and start getting medical attention.
  • Fill out any forms required to get compensation. Usually, the HR department of your company will provide it to you.
  • All medical reports, i.e. the doctor’s assessment of the injury, their recommended days off work and other documents should be submitted

If you are unable to carry out any of the above for whatever reason or your employer tries not to give you due compensation it is time to contact an experienced attorney right away. The attorney will then go about initiating the required legal proceedings to ensure that your compensation starts flowing as it should.

Who can apply for compensation?

An employee who has injured their leg when working


An employee whose legs have been crushed by a vehicle or a machine


An employee who is unable to walk and hence work because they slipped and fell


An employee who has lost a leg, broken their leg, etc. After having fallen off a motorcycle. Usually in the delivery industry.


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