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Find help after accident or injury at work

Workers' Compensation

Incident report - download form template

Incident Report Form Template - download sample. An incident report is often required by an employer and the insurance company after a worker has been injured. The incidence report is essential because it is a formal recording of what happened.

Accident report form - download template

Accident Report Form Template - download sample. The accident report form is designed for the purpose of reporting an accident that might injure workers at the workplace. The form will also be helpful to the organization to review and reinforce the preventive measures in future.

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Using ClaimFight is simple and safe. Your personal information remains safe with us, and we don’t share what you are considering with anyone else. A secure system ensures that your personal information and what you discuss with us remains a secret. So, you are free to ask or explore any legal avenue for rightful compensation.
no win, no fee

no win, no fee

Workers’ Compensation lawyers will not charge you a fee if they don’t win the case. Those are the only types of attorneys we connect you with because most people seeking compensation aren’t highly paid executives. That’s why you only pay a percentage of the compensation as fees.
no commitment

no commitment

You don’t have to commit to our service or those of the attorneys we connect you with. You can opt for a free evaluation of your case without having to pay a dime. Plus, even after the evaluation we or the attorney we recommend will never pressure you in any way.
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"no spam" policy

We have a strict policy of never sending unsolicited emails to anyone who uses our services. Not only that we don’t sell or rent your information. That means you will never receive spam emails or phone calls from unknown people just because you started using our service.