Warehouse Accident

Warehouse Accident

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Warehouse Accident

Warehouse Accidents

Many if not most warehouse accidents are caused either by negligence or inaction on part of the people responsible for safety. All warehouses should conduct safety training on an annual basis. Plus, equipment specific training should be provided. Unfortunately, even despite training and safety procedures warehouse accidents happen. When they happen, the employees have a right to compensation under the law.

Warehouse accidents are surprisingly common than most people think. The accidents range from minor slipping and falling to getting crushed by heavy equipment like a forklift. However, regardless of the nature of the accident US law entitles all injured employees to rightful compensation. The compensation covers not just the medical expenses but any lost wages as a result of the accident.

All employers are by law obliged to ensure that the warehouse is a safe place. Most if not all warehouse workers may be operating heavy machines and so they need to be provided with the right training to operate the machines safely. Also employers are required to provide all employees with the required safety gear to carry out the job at hand. If they don’t do that, its essentially breaking the law. There are countless cases of employees involved in accidents who were not provided the right safety equipment.

It is unfortunate that most compensation claims are not smoothly resolved. The insurance company used by the employer as well as the employer themselves may be reluctant to process claims. Many find excuses and use intimidation to silence employees.

If your compensation claim is disregarded, isn’t processed or downright declined it is time to contact an attorney. The attorney will investigate the case and provide you with the best path moving forward. In some cases a lawsuit can be brought against the employer or company. Regardless of what the attorney may suggest knowing your legal standing helps to take the next step to getting compensation. If you decide to hire an attorney, you can sit back and let them handle everything and only have to pay a percentage value of the compensation once you win the case and start receiving compensation.

Who can apply for compensation?

Anyone who has been a victim of an accident can apply for compensation right away.
A family who has lost a loved one to an accident who used to be employed in the warehouse.
Any person who used to work at a warehouse but lost the use of his limbs in an accident involving heavy machinery or some other accident is entitled to compensation.
Any warehouse employee who was sent to another location for work but was injured there can also apply for compensation. Though it may be more complex case and require an attorney.

What to do and how to get paid?

When you find yourself injured in an accident the first thing to do is to inform the supervisor. Informing the supervisor in writing or verbally will help to set things off to the right start. Then visit a doctor who will conduct all the required tests so that the full extent of your injuries is identified. Once that’s done, you’ll have to do the following:

  • File a workers’ compensation claim with your employer usually within 21 days. Generally, would entail filling out a claim form.
  • Provide all medical reports to the employer for scrutiny.
  • If you are too injured to go through the process then hire an attorney to represent you. The attorney will conduct an
  • investigation with eyewitness testimony and other details which helps solidifies your case for compensation.

When to apply for compensation?
When you have been injured in an accident and it is causing you to lose wages. When to apply for compensation?
You can file for compensation if a loved one lost his or her life at a warehouse. When to apply for compensation?
If you are experiencing symptoms which can be proven is a result of a stockroom accident like an exposure to toxic chemicals or a biological agent. When to apply for compensation?

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What is important to know?

Employees who suffer from an injury when working at a warehouse, storeroom or a depot can end up losing wages because they are out of work for a while. In some extreme cases they may find it near impossible to resume work in their original role. If anything, it results in financial issues and stress not just for the employee but for his or her family members. That is why the workers’ compensation law was designed to ensure that employees don’t suffer the financial burden associated with paying medical bills or lost wages.

Many warehouse employees end up being worried that their workers’ compensation claim or personal injury claim would end up leading to a termination of their employment. Not to mention the fact that many employers try to maneuver their way out of having to pay employees their rightful compensation. If the employer has a workers’ compensation insurance policy the insurance company may also look for a way not to pay to rightful compensation or as little as they can get away with which once again is a breach of the employee’s rights.

Compensation claims for accidents can be complex and require the assistance of a seasoned attorney. The attorney will often conduct a thorough investigation and then file a claim. They may also negotiate a deal if necessary. If everything fails to deliver compensation, they may also file a lawsuit against the company. All of which means that your best interests are represented by someone who is experienced in many similar cases so the outcome for the most part is positive.

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